Moving towards new mobility alternatives and transitioning to electric vehicles has proven to be one of the biggest and more necessary challenges of the century.

We are here to help you tackle it.

We are experts in Electric Vehicle Design and Development.

We provide engineering solutions and technology consulting for electric mobility.

Whatever the stage your project is at, we can help:


▫ Market analysis.

▫ Product definition.

▫ Technology trends studies.

▫ Concept system design.

▫ Learning services.


▫ Systems and Full Vehicle simulation.

▫ Supply chain analysis.

▫ Path to production definition.

▫ Performance evaluation, based on standard cycles (WLTP, EPA, WMTC...)


▫ MBD methodology.

▫ Systems integration.

▫ Based on international automotive standards.

▫ Electronic Control Unit design.

▫ Chassis and Powertrain concurrent design.


▫ Battery Pack design and prototyping. From single module to complex systems.

▫ Simulation validation.

▫ International suppliers.

▫ From proof-of-concept to functional and dimensional prototypes.


▫ Vehicle testing and validation.

▫ SiL & HiL testing.

▫ Test automation.

▫ Prototype testing.

We want to be a key agent in the global transition towards new mobility solutions, which will be safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Our areas of expertise


We can provide our expertise in a broad variety of areas, from component development to systems integration, in order to support your EV project.

Some of our projects:

▫ Powertrain architectures evaluation and comparison.

▫ Multi-motor vehicle design.

▫ High-Voltage and Low-Voltage systems integration.

▫ Standard cycle simulation.

▫ Battery Pack design and prototyping.

▫ Supplier selection and coordination.

An electric powertrain means specific requirements for the vehicle chassis. That is why, at EEVAM, we specialize in EV chassis design. 

Our focus in the electric vehicle allows us to achieve an optimal integration between chassis and powertrain.

Some of our projects:

▫ Full Electric Vehicle CAD Modeling.

▫ Chassis modifications for electric vehicle conversions.

▫ Battery Pack packaging and extraction systems for swappable batteries.

Are you developing a connected vehicle? Do you have particular needs for acquiring data and monitor the vehicles in your fleet? We can help.

▫ Full-Stack IoT developments.

▫ Tracking units design and integration.

▫ HMI systems.

▫ Sensor integration.

Who are we?

EEVAM Technologies, SL was born with a clear goal of contributing to the current movement towards new mobility alternatives, which will be safer, cleaner and more efficient, led by the electric vehicle.

EEVAM is an acronym, which is created by the words "Engineering, Electric Vehicles and Advanced Mobility" summing up the purpose and mission of the company.

Our mission is to promote the design, development and production of electric vehicles and we accomplish it with our own projects, and by offering our expertise to our customers, so that they can succeed in theirs.

Find us

  • C/ Pitágoras, 3, CP 10004, Cáceres, España
  • +34 927 51 72 24


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