Connected Vehicles

Vehicle integration, including telematics unit, sensors and actuators

As experts in electric vehicles design que are able to accommodate any connected solution into the vehicle structure. 

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IoT Architecture Design

Gathering and management of data from the vehicle on a reliable and secure manner.

Custom PCB and enclosure design

Full PCB layout design and housings CAD custom made for any needed requirements. 

Firmware programming and embedded algorithms design

Complex algorithms for different hardware architectures.

Verification and validation test programs

Software verification to ensure the optimum design and code according to the latest quality standards.

Supplier management

Our experience and extensive network allows us to find ideal suppliers for your project. 

Systems and connectivity

Are you developing a connected vehicle? Do you have particular needs for acquiring data and monitor the vehicles in your fleet? We can help. 

Podemos ayudarte. 

Full-Stack IoT developments.

Tracking units design and integration.

▫ HMI systems.

Sensor integration.


ELISA: The OX Motorcycles project to build a unique user experience hand in hand with EEVAM

Thanks to our collaboration with partners such as Particle, at EEVAM we were able to integrate, certify and bring to production customized hardware, monitoring and controlling the powertrain in its entirety in record time.

In addition, we integrate advanced sensors and algorithms to enhance vehicle safety.

Find out more about this system on the OX website:


We are able to exploit the full potential of vehicle connectivity thanks to partners like Particle.
Thousands of the world's most innovative companies use its technology to power their connected machines and sensors.

Would you like to know more? Check out this case study:

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