Featuring EEVAM POWERMASTER technology. An innovative technological solution which will unlock the full potential of integrating multiple removable batteries modules in your EV design.


4860 Series

Up to 6 kW Outoput

Compatible with 48V & 60V battery modules

Air cooled

140mm X 200mm X 45mm

7296 Series

Up to 12 kW Output

Compatible with 72V & 96V battery modules 

Air cooled

140mm X 240mm X 45mm

96144 Series

Up to 18 kW Output

Compatible with 96V & 144V battery modules

Liquid cooled

210mm X 240mm X 45mm 

EEVAM POWERMASTER devices are the perfect solution for: 

  • Manufacturers of Light Electric Vehicles, including mopeds, motorcycles, quadricycles and special-purpose vehicles such as last-mile delivery vehicles, industrial vehicles, etc.

  • Fleet operators which need the flexibility of battery swapping to optimize fleet usage.

  • Battery swapping businesses.
EEVAM Powermaster is an innovative technological solution which will unlock the full potential of integrating multiple removable battery modules in your EV desing. PM devices are Smart Power Distribution Units featuring EEVAM POWERMASTER technology which autonomously controls electric power distribution between battery modules and all power consuming components in the drivetrain and auxiliary systems. By integrating a PM device in a vehicle, the OEM will enjoy an off-the-shelf solution to manage multiple battery modules during charge and discharge, which features:

High compatibility with battery modules from all major suppliers worldwide, as well as compatibility with any power consuming component in the allowed voltage and current ranges.

An effortless integration in any LEV powertrain.

Flexibility to adapt the power management algorithms to any use case during charge and discharge.

Benefits for the end-user:

The highest level of performance.The power control algorithm optimizes how much current is drained from each module while running, or how much current is supplied while charging. The algorithm will ensure the user can always dispose of the maximum available power, in order to guaranty an optimal experience as well as ensuring a minimal degradation of module capacity.

Worry-free daily use of the vehicle, since the system can handle any use case during charge and discharge.

Easy-to-carry removable battery modules. Splitting the energy storage in different removable modules allows for a constrained weight, which improves the user experience when extracting a module to charge it at home or to swap it in a station.

The maximum level of safety. The system is tuned to the battery cells spec and acts as a safeguard implementing current limits and avoiding high peaks which potential to damage cells.

Benefits for the OEM's:

Build vehicles featuring all of the value added by multiple removable batteries with low engineering effort.

Unlock the potential of integrating its vehicle in battery swapping networks.

Benefit from better cared-for batteries which can then be translated to an extended guaranty for the customer or a more profitable second life.

Choose the right partner to supply battery modules without having to develop an ad-hoc energy management solution.


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