EEVAM Powermaster

EEVAM Powermaster is an intelligent power distribution system that can be integrated into electric vehicles with batteries of modular architecture.

EEVAM Powermaster addresses the drawbacks associated with modular battery architecture, such as reduced autonomy, power limitations, or battery degradation due to high discharge currents.

EEVAM Powermaster represents an innovative technological solution that allows you to enjoy the advantages of modular battery architecture while minimizing its drawbacks.


EEVAM Powermaster is a power adaptation and energy control system designed to enhance vehicle specifications in terms of autonomy, range, and maximum speed, while also extending the lifespan of battery modules.

Energy management:

El algoritmo de control de EEVAM Powermaster distribuye la potencia eléctrica entre los distintos módulos de forma óptima, de manera que permite maximizar la potencia disponible y minimizar la degradación de cada módulo de batería. 


Integration in electric vehicles with modular battery architecture

Optimization of the battery’s lifespan preventing lack of balance between the modules

Security increment avoiding high discharge currents in cells

Simultaneous use of battery modules

Maximization of the vehicle’s autonomy

Improvement of the vehicle performance by limiting power reductions

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