Powermaster is a Smart Power Distribution System which can be integrated in Electric Vehicles with modular battery architecture.

Powermaster deals with all the inconveniences related to modular battery architectures, such as range reduction, power limitation or battery deterioration due to high discharge currents.

Powermaster is an innovative technological solution that allows to enjoy all the advantages of modular battery architecture minimizing as much as possible its inconveniences.


Powermaster is a power distribution and energy management system with the purpose of improving the vehicle specifications concerning autonomy, range and maximum speed as well as the increment of the battery modules lifespan.

Energy management:

The Powermaster control algorithm distributes optimally the electrical power between the different modules based on the reading of the sensors integrated in the system, in such a way that it allows maximizing the available power and minimizing the deterioration of each battery module. 

Power adaptation:

The application of complex current distribution techniques allows the current of each battery module to be controlled independently, as well as the joint use of battery modules, improving vehicle performance.

Powermaster's advantages

Integration in electric vehicles with modular battery architecture

Optimization of the battery’s lifespan preventing lack of balance between the modules

Security increment avoiding high discharge currents in cells

Simultaneous use of battery modules

Maximization of the vehicle’s autonomy

Improvement of the vehicle performance by limiting power reductions

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