The Design of a Café Racer styled Electric Motorcycle

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At Eevam, as experts in electric vehicle design and development, we provide engineering solutions and technology consulting for electric mobility, keeping a continuous watch on the trends and technological needs of the market.

Recently, we have been involved in the design of the electric motorcycle OX ONE from OX Motorcycles, a Spanish StartUp. It has been developed as an smart vehicle whose aesthetics are inspired by the "Café Racer" style, joining the most advanced technology and a reinterpreted classic spirit.

This combination of style and efficiency, history and technology, has implied several design and engineering challenges that we want to share with you in this post and the coming ones.

The main goal was to build a succesful product intended for the competitive market of electric motorcycles equivalent to 125cc, with an adequate top speed, power and range, but especially standing out due to its technological level and its attractive aesthetics.

In order to achieve this, a powertrain featuring an in-wheel motor and a removable battery have been integrated into a classic style frame, where the lines of the tubular steel structure have been used as a visual resource.


Regarding the fairings, inside the main body of the frame and following its curved shapes, the main block of the powertrain is located “floating”, made up of several black panels made of an ABS injection of high quality. 

It is an independent block with a distinguished design that produces a classic visual appearance but not copying a combustion engine. However, the material, color and decorative details are more representative of a contemporary design

Within this block we find both the removable battery, and other elements of the powertrain (controller, DC/DC, etc.), as well as a telematics ECU designed by EEVAM, which enables the vehicle to be connected to the cloud, and with a series of sensors located in the vehicle, sets up endless functions that squeezes the full potential of the loT.

We will soon publish more details about this work, and, together with Ox Motorcycles, we will share more information regarding this vehicle as the production date gets closer.

Regarding this, you can expect future articles where we will present topics such as:

  • Aesthetics and design in the transition from internal combustion engines to electric motorcycles.
  • Powertrain sizing and challenges associated with the use of removable batteries.
  • Vehicular dynamics development and the impact that factors such as ergonomics, powertrain and chassis integration or power mapping have on the user experience.
  • The type of stresses and structural requirements associated with a motorcycle frame.
  • The challenges associated with packaging components in the reduced space of a light vehicle such as an electric motorcycle.
  • The utility of CAD tools in different phases of automotive design.
  • The prototyping phases, and the utility of quick prototyping processes, such as 3D printing.
  • And so on…

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