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Today, we are coming back to the café racer-styled electric motorcycle OX ONE designed by EEVAM for the Spanish Startup OX Motorcycles As we mentioned in previous posts, this and subsequent articles explain in detail very specific technical issues of that project

As a key part of the chassis design, we have worked on the simulation of different driver positions to set the correct ergonomic triangle. The aim is to place different elements in optimal locations so that the driving experience is relaxing, while avoiding exhaustion or discomfort.
The motorcycle rider triangle is defined by the spots where the rider has direct physical contact with the motorcycle. These are the seat, the the passenger footrest and the handlebar, where the driver’s body, feet and hands rest.

Positioning Triangle

In the design of this electric motorcycle we had a robust and large frame. We took the seat location as our constant and from that point, we tested different simulations with the footrests and handlebar position, considering important issues such as the height of the seat, the body inclination angle, the hip angle or the hip and knee angles of the driver.

After taking into account all of these conditions, we got the perfect ergonomic triangle to drive this motorcycle in a comfortable and safe way

The same process has been done to define the passenger footrest position.

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